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All You Need to Know About Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Over the centuries, blue sapphires have been admired and loved by many. The fact that they have mesmerizing beauty and exceptional hardness and strength make it almost comparable with diamonds. At the mention of sapphire, you would agree that blue color comes in your mind. Also, many people assume that blue is the only color present in sapphire. The fact is that sapphires exist in all colors of the rainbow, but blue remains the most precious. Get more information

The fabulous Kashmir Blue Sapphires are the most prized cornflower blue sapphires in the world. However, currently, they are a rare commodity. They are velvety toned and termed as the wealthiest cornflower blue, which has a certain saturated and lazy quality. They come in a variety of colors, such as blackish gems, palest blues, and lushest cornflower blues. To get the best tone from the gems, they are carefully cut. Even with its various colors, the standardized saturated cornflower blue is quite expensive.

Today, the basaltic lava rocks, river sands, and the gravel found in Sri Lanka yield to a wide range of sapphires. Furthermore, it is known to produce pure blue color sapphires of a specific class. For many years, Sri Lanka has been home to mining blue sapphires. Also, the classic cornflower blue sapphires from Sri Lanka are much more superior than the dark and inky colors found in Australia and Thailand. It is essential to know that the value of a gem is based on how it is cut, how clear it is, it's quality and grading. View Gemstone Universe

You might be wondering what is meant by the cornflower blue color in blue sapphires. Well, the most desirable color that best describes blue sapphires is "cornflower blue." Cornflower is one of the rare flowers that are entirely blue, neither purple nor violet. With sapphire having a similar color to cornflower, it is thus referred to as cornflower blue sapphire.

Even though you might find undertones of purple or green in the sapphire, the cornflower blue sapphire is closer to the true blue. Furthermore, it is well saturated and bears a tone that highlights the color purity. The high price of cornflower blue sapphire is because they are scarce to find. Most connoisseurs always search for this sapphire color.

It is also interesting that the qualities of sapphire crystals are determined by the geological conditions in which they were formed.

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